The snazzy, self-balancing, 2-wheeled scooter called the Hoverboard has become a fad amongst kids! The newest kid’s outdoor toy on the block has taken the markets by storm!

Who would not want to ride a funky looking kids hoverboard scooter when it runs smoothly on the road? A children’s hoverboard typically ranges between 200 to 300 USD and can be a great way to enjoy their time at home or outdoors (on any flat surface like the walkway or in passages).

If your children want you to buy a kids hoverboard for them, here is a comprehensive guide for the 6 best hoverboards for kids we could find.

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The best hoverboard for kids: Top picks

  • Best overall hoverboard for kids: Tomoloo Q2-X
  • Best budget hoverboard: Swagtron T1
  • Best off-road hoverboard: Gyroor warrior
  • Best self-balance hoverboard: Epikgo classic
  • Safest hoverboard for kids: Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • The ultimate (kids’) hoverboard: Halo Rover X

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The model is called Fire Kylin, which according to the manufacturer, is designed using inspiration from Chinese mythology, that has mountains of the same name and symbolize great aggressiveness and spirit. This fun looking (also in pink) hoverboard for kids has a lovely design and ranks among the top-selling hoverboards for kids.


You can ride at 10 mph max speed, go 12 miles on it at a charge of 2 hours or so. The machine weighs 23 lbs and can hold up to 220 lbs of body weight. Until an incline of 15 degrees, the board works well.

The Tomoloo Q2 – X is futuristic to say the least. The boards are UL2272 certified and made with a high-quality fire-retardant material.

The tyres are sturdy, 2.5” in thickness for great off-road riding experience. However, it is water-resistant, not waterproof, so does not really count for off-roading.

The Tomoloo can be changed and adjusted using the personalized mobile app which you can activate as you buy the product. The app gives the board interesting features such as control over the sensitivity, the On/Off, riding mode, music, color and a lot more.

The board uses Samsung batteries and has built-in Bluetooth speakers too Those Bluetooth 4.0 speakers give a clear, surround sound. The jack is covered with a waterproof hood. The hoverboard has cool RGB lights on it.


  • app-based customization
  • bluetooth speakers & rgb lights
  • big, sturdy wheels for off-road riding


  • bad startup after charging
  • water-resistant, not waterproof

What others say

Most buying and reviewing websites give the Tomoloo Q2 – X thumbs up, the average rating being 4.3 on 5. Overall, the users are happy with the snazzy look and all the app-based customization.

The negative reviews are generally on the sudden malfunctions and the board not starting even after charging or taking too long to charge and still not working efficiently. But all in all, this is a great choice!


Ranked the best Hoverboard of the year 2020 (the website has credits), the Halo Rover X has been hugely upvoted by a lot of hoverboard review websites and touted to be the best choice there on the market as of today.

This might not be the best choice if you’re looking to buy a hoverboard for kids cheap but if the price is not a criterium, you get what you pay for and more with the Halo Rover X. It’s a popular hoverboard even with its slightly steeper price range.


High grade aluminum construction of the body, 8.5-inch tires and a strong design make this board a great option for (slightly older) kids but also for off-roading.

IPX4 water-resistance and 800 watts motor gives it power and durability. The board can climb a whopping 20 degrees of incline.

The safety of this board is impeccable – UL2272 and UL2271 certified, the Halo Rover is perfect in all senses. Furthermore, a 1-year warranty comes along with the board.

Beginner, normal and advanced modes of riding make is as versatile as can be. This board can be controlled and monitored by an app to turn it on and off, check the battery status and many more options.

The Bluetooth speakers are loud and clear. It can get fully charged in 2.5 hours, go 10 miles max and go at 10 miles per hour. It can climb 20-degree incline and can hold a range of 44 to 260 lbs of weight.


  • unbreakable
  • almost no malfunctions
  • all-terrain


  • expensive

What others say

Most websites that stock and sell the hoverboard and review it, think highly of this board. Most websites rate it 5/5, with the only wish, that it was a little more budget-friendly. But the malfunctions are so low the price seems justified. This genuinely is not only the best kids’ hoverboard, but it’s also the best hoverboard for adults.


The Swagtron T1 is a hugely popular hoverboard for kids, price of which is very affordable at around $200. It has amazing reviews on all the websites, making it one of the best hoverboard for kids! The board is ideal for even small children.


The Swagtron T1 works on 250 watt motor, can go at 8 miles an hour and run until a distance of 11 miles. The board is strong enough for a 30-degree incline. It can hold max 220 lbs of weight and has safety features appropriate for kids, like safe stop and self-balancing. It has been tested for electrical safety and been awarded UL2272 certification. The battery is smart and strong, called SentryShield™ Multilayer Battery Protection. It is available in attractive colors like Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Red and White. The product dimensions are 23 x 4 x 7 inches. Hard rubber tires make it s sturdy product. The 6.5-inch board is ideal for normal roads and flat terrain.

What others say

Everyone goes gaga for the Swagtron T1 when picking out a board for kids because it is so appropriate for a child rider. The make and performance are ideal for children. It has average 4.5-to-5-star reviews on most websites and review portals. Swagtron T1 is the best hoverboard for kids, for sure.


This is a sturdy, off-roading hoverboard which is made bigger than its competitors and can perform well over all terrains. The hoverboard has an aluminum body, which means it’s sturdier. It can be used for longer too. Be it bumpy roads or pavements, grass or gravel, the Gyroor Warrior conquers it all! It can be the best hoverboard for kids who are growing into adolescence.

You can ride at 10 mph max speed, go 9,5 miles on it at a charge of 1,5-2 hours. The machine weighs 26 lbs and can hold up to 265 lbs of body weight. The board works well until an incline of 30 degrees.


There are 2 motors of 350 watts each, which can propel the board to speeds of nearly 10 miles an hour, on a charge duration of 1.5 to 2 hours. The range is about 9.5 miles on a single charge.

The Gyroor Warrior is a UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard. It runs on a 4.0Ah/36V battery. This board can handle a weight range of 33 to 265 lbs.

The frame is aluminum and the tires are 8.5-inch rubber make. The dimensions are 29.6 x 9.9 x 8.8 inches and the Gyroor Warrior is IP 54 water-resistant.

The Gyroor Warrior has some fancy stuff too with its bluetooth speakers and lights. It can even climb 30-degree inclines!


  • can climb up to 30-degree inclines
  • bluetooth & lights
  • all terrain
  • very sturdy


  • not for smaller kids

What others say

Several websites say the Gyroor Warrior is a toughie and as high as 77% of the customers have voted it 5 stars. The grievances are usually regarding malfunctioning boards, shaky machines or the battery not recharging once discharged. Overall, it is a great choice but not a small kids’ hoverboard for sure.


The Epikgo brand boasts of the Classic hoverboard being an indestructible board with ground-breaking self-balancing tech. They say it is bigger and better, with big wheels to go over any terrain. It is positioned as the board, which was designed to do more, to perform better.

You can ride at 10 mph max speed, go 10 miles on it at a charge of 1 hour. The machine weighs 26 lbs and can hold up to 240 lbs of body weight. The board works well until an incline of 18 degrees.


This board is UL2272 Certified and it’s fitted with alloy wheels that go over all-terrains and measure 8.5”. On top of that, it is fixed with a 400W Dual-Motor and runs on an LG Battery.

The design is rough and tough, and wheels are thick to go over all terrains. The motor also helps climb steep inclines, up to 18 degrees. A single charge helps it run for 1 hour and can cover a range of 10 miles.

The size of the board is 30% larger than average boards which means it gives more foot space, but also that it’s a little more uncomfortable to carry – especially for smaller kids.

The weight bearing capacity is 44 to 240 lbs.

The Epikgo Classic is fully charged in 2 hours. This board measures 27.5 x 8.7 x 9.1 inches and is IP56 Waterproof Certified. The weight of the board is 26 lbs.


  • for all-terrain
  • waterproof
  • can go up steep inclines
  • more foot space


  • might break from the center
  • not for smaller kids
  • large to carry

What others say

The Epigko Classic might not be the best option if you are looking for a hoverboard for small kids, but it is an exceptionally good option for slightly older kids who need space and chance for a board which accommodates their growing frames.

Various websites say that this is a 4 star-on-5 rating product. However, the customers who were unhappy with the product complained that it broke or cracked from the center, even with light usage.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the best hybrid between a skateboard and a Segway! If you have been looking for a fun hoverboard, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter is a very rad option to go for. It looks good and performs great, thanks to the new and improved features that fetch it great reviews!

You can ride at 8 mph max speed, go 60min on it at a charge of 1 hour. The machine weighs 27 lbs and can hold up to 220lbs of body weight.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has dimensions of 24.5” L x 9” W x 8.75” H and promises up to 8mph speed and 60 minutes of run time with one charge.

The ride is easy and the hoverboard has a training mode and a normal mode. This mode proves fine when a younger kid wants to start with the hoverboard. It comes with EverBalance technology which assists amateurs to balance sooner. The hoverboard auto-levels, making it quite easy to mount. This also makes it one of if not THE safest hoverboard for kids.

The snazzy blue led decorations like a light bar and silicon bumpers are stylish yet smart and safe. It has the Quick-swap lithium-ion battery which makes it a high performing hoverboard. The tires are made of rubber and have aluminum hubs, 6.5” in diameter.

The secure shell of the toy along with sensitivity makes the Razor Hovertrax an ideal Kids smart hoverboard. The toy comes with a 1-year warranty. This brand has received the UL 2272 listing for safety, making it a safe electric hoverboard for kids.


  • training & normal mode
  • Everbalance technology
  • excellent for beginners
  • responsive & sensitive


  • not for adult riders
  • no off-roading (but can handle some uneven surfaces)
  • not water-resistant

What others say

Most people say it’s a great, smooth ride. The looks are supplemented with performance. It can even ride on uneven surfaces and runs super-smooth with kids but cannot tolerate the weight of an adult rider (although it states a max capacity of 220 lbs). The best aspect of the technology of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the responsiveness and sensitivity of the board for the rider’s actions. Lights on the board inform the rider about the throttle and the lights towards the top is to indicate battery levels. This board is not water-resistant.

Customer reviews indicate a strong affinity for the product. The great comments mention the appreciation for balancing capacity, the smooth ride it gives and the overall quality. It has some negative comments on the annoying beeping while turning it off and it not being an upgrade from the previous model.

Buying guide


What must you look at, when picking out a hoverboard for you or your child? Here are a few pointers:

  • Don’t buy for too little a child. The ideal age for hoverboarding is 12, so try not to give in to your child’s pleas before that age as it can be unsafe.
  • If you are buying in the U.S., consider the local brands first because it will be easier to manage returns, exchanges etc.
  • Understand the specifications properly before buying.
  • Check the local rules of hoverboarding before you buy one. Make sure you know where your kid can board without landing a fine.
  • Do not spend a lot of money on a hoverboard for kids – they might just grow out of it in no time and you’ll be stuck with your $600 expense. Invest intelligently. Or invest heavily if the board might be used by multiple kids in the family.

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