Hoverboarding is a fun activity for both children as well as adults. But it can get monotonous after a while of going around on it, standing.

To make things even more fun, try your hand at some hoverboard accessories. One of the most fun once’s is an attachment that you can use to convert your hoverboard into a go-kart! This is also a great option for little kids that are just a tad too small for real hoverboarding, they will have tons of fun on a hoverboard kart.

Here are a few options we picked which can help you find the best hoverboard go kart attachment.

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The best hoverboard go kart attachment: Top 5 picks

  • Hover-1 Buggy: basic hoverboard go kart attachment
  • Hover-1 Beast Buggy: the off-roading companion
  • Hoovykart: low price best option
  • Hiboy HC-02: the versatile, grown up hoverkart kit
  • Ulikeit: the kids’ choice hoverkarting kit

Comparison chart


#1 Hover-1 Buggy

The Hover-1 Buggy is so popular that it appeared on the Kelly and Ryan show! The 2017 aired episode showed the Hover-1 Buggy and praised it, and the karting kit has been appreciated on other YouTube channels as well. The kit offers great comfort, supreme design and a smart look with a particularly good quality make.

Though it does not fit over all hoverboards, it is a particularly good fit with the 6.5” variety. The Hover-1 Buggy has the most amazing make and looks and feels sturdier than most hover carts.


The Swagtron T6 is a powerhouse of impressive off-roading features. The weight bearing capacity of up to 380 lbs. is a big plus for the larger frame buyer. The big, high traction, rugged 10-inch wheels are an upgrade on the standard 8.5-inch wheels of most off-road balance board variants available in the marketplaces. The extra big wheels help balance the large rider well as well as handle rough terrains such as gravel and muddy tracks much better than normal hoverboards.

The tubeless tires are air-filled and high- tread for better stability. The motor in this hoverboard is 300-watt, dual motor, giving it superior power and speed as well. The heavy built and fat tires need that kind of power to move at good speed, hence the motors are heavy-duty. The battery-motors combo helps with the high performance of the board and it can go 12 miles on one charge. The charge time is 2-3 hours and the high speed for Swagtron T6 is up to 12 MPH.

The body is made of ABS plastic along with aluminum crate. The weight of the board is 30 lbs. and seems on the heavier side but it is justified according to the rider profile it caters to. It has certification UL-2272 and also IPX4 rated, which proves it’s waterproof. There are swanky features too, namely, LED light indicators for signalling, built-in carrying handle, lights on the board and app-controlled features along with music (thanks to the Bluetooth speakers which are built-in).


  • weight bearing capacity
  • 10 inch wheels
  • dual motor 300 watt


  • weight of the board

What others say

The overall reviews on review websites and portals say that this is a great hoverboard cart attachment. It has been given raving scores, with 70% of the customers rating it 5 stars.

The few negative reviews which have come from unsatisfied customers complain of poor quality of leg adjusters, that it’s tough to flip the hoverboard over while still attached and some transit damage issues (which are irrelevant to the quality of the hover cart).

The other problems were those of quality of the instruction manual and the screws being too tough to tighten and the like.

#2 Hover-1 Beast Buggy

Move over, kiddo stuff, the beast is here – the Hover-1 Beast Buggy is a great addition to your bulky and beasty 10-inch hoverboard as it looks and behaves the part!

This board is what the real, off-roading adventure stuff is made up of.

The independent rear wheel, the tough and amazing tire, the solid frame, and the sturdy handles, all mean business.

The control and power which this rear wheel provides for the ride is unparalleled. This hoverboard scooter attachment rocks as hard as your sturdy and off-roading, big boy hoverboard.


The Hover -1 Beast Buggy is great for hoverboards that have 10-inch wheels. The rear wheel of its own body is sized at 8 inches.

The tire pressure of the rear tire in this kit is 35 PSI. The hand-led running and steering is great and provides a lot of control and power to the ride. The max speed and weight-bearing are dependent on the kind of Hoverboard you are using.

The best thing about this hover kart kit is the shock absorbers provided in the make, making the ride smoother on uneven paths too. They are located on the sides of the chair of this kit, near the propelling lever handles.

This system is built for off-roading. The solid frame says it all. The kit makes the resulting hover go kart quite an off-boarding go-kart too!

You can also run backwards on this kit because the system is functional in the reverse too and is designed to perform nicely on quick and sharp turns.

The frame length is adjustable to accommodate all sizes of riders. The straps help to fix the kit to the board. The item weighs 10.11 pounds.


  • shock absorbers
  • designed for off road riding
  • adjustable frame lenght


  • price
  • difficult to assemble

What others say

Users and reviewers on the web like this product and almost 60% of the customers have given it 5-star reviews.

The complaints come for the front wheel assembly, which appears coarse and tough to put together neatly. It also seems steep and the value for money is lower for this sit down hoverboard. The sturdiness gets a high rating.

Some customers are also complaining about the instructions being wrong or the rear wheel shaking violently when ridden at high speeds.

#3 Hoovykart

The Hoovykart is a fast installing kit which, as claimed by the promoters, can convert your hoverboard into a go-kart in 2 minutes! It fixes to the hoverboard by Velcro fasteners and can accommodate boards in the size range 6.5 inches until 10 inches, which means it is compatible with almost all the boards! It’s like a super kit!

The quality of the kit is particularly good. The Hoovykart is also poplar because it comes assembled, one can just strap the Velcro on the hoverboard and its good to go! Hoovykart is the best way to make the hoverboard safer!


The Hoovykart sitting hoverboard offers great features. You can use the handlebar for steering, the weight carrying capacity is 220 lbs. and the dimensions of this entire apparatus are 34.5″ x 16.3″ x 15.5″.

The Hoovykart is constructed in a way that one can adjust the leg bar to accommodate riders of all ages and sizes.

The biggest plus of Hoovykart kit is the convenience it offers by sending the fully assembled structure that only needs the seat to be fit in. They send extra Velcro straps too if the first pair gets worn down.

Braking and turning are excellent. So much so that their design has a patent pending. The foot pedals are in the form of a footrest, situated just above the wheel and are much better than some competitors.

Overall, it is a very convenient kit to put on.

The seat is plastic, bucket type, to help with lumbar support and has raised sides to provide comfort while riding. The handlebars are attached to the side and are extremely comfortable to maneuver as they are also padded.

A one-year warranty is offered on the product and no-questions-asked return policy is applicable on received damaged pieces. If you don’t like it or aren’t satisfied in any way, they just take it back!


  • comes fully assembled (just pop in the seat) – 2min assembly
  • great customer service (extra velcro, 1-year warranty, great return policy)
  • comfortable footrests
  • affordable


  • Issues with straps and frame

What others say

All web portals rate Hoovykart notably well.

The affordability makes this a popular product but there are serious issues with the straps and the frame. The reviews are generally good to great, but some poor reviews talk of poor customer care and missing pieces to put the semi-assembled parts back on the kart. Some reviewers complain of a faulty seat.

Overall, the product seems to be great though. Some other portals which review hoverboards and accessories have rated the Hoovykart at 98%.

#4 Hiboy – HC-02

This sturdy apparatus is sure to make your ride easier! The Hiboy HC 02 is created to bear more weight and thus is the hoverkart conversion kit for grownups. The age range applicable for this go-karting kit is 4 years to 65 years! What a versatile board conversion kit to own. Their refund policy seems too good to let go of.


The Hiboy HC 02 is a great, sturdy kit to buy. It takes 15 minutes to assemble the hoverkart.

It is suitable to fit over 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard, the 8-inch board as well as the 10-inch hoverboard, making it very versatile to use.

The hoverseat has been provided with a rear suspension to make the ride smoother, the weight-bearing capacity is awesome at 270 lbs (good enough to seat a full-size adult, even plus size), and the seat is ergonomic, making the experience painless and amazing.

The steering is power enhanced and safe so even if kids are steering, its alright.

You can buy this kit without any worry as it is returnable within 30 days of use and they will give back a full refund without any questions being asked.

The kit is lightly built but quite robust. There are 2 rear wheel colors available, purple and orange. Who doesn’t like a dash of color! The size of the entire system is 31.5×19.7×16.9 inches and it weighs 11.5lbs. There are 8 length adjustment levels possible.


  • rear suspension
  • ergonomic seat
  • very sturdy
  • easo to install (15min)
  • very versatile (from young kids to plus size adults)


  • cannot fit Swagtron T6, Mega wheel TW01S-1 and Hover-1 Beast 10inch wheel

What others say

Overall, this kit gets the award for versatility in usage. Anyone can use it, which explains why it’s so popular!

The review’s analysis brings us to a whopping 5-star review! The ease of installation and versatility make it a sure winner.

Though, one drawback is, it cannot fit Swagtron T6, Mega wheel TW01S-1 and Hover-1 Beast 10inch wheel because of their structure (these off-road hoverboards all have a handle in the middle which is not compatible with how the hoverboard add ons are fixed).

But whatever said and done, the Hiboy HC 02 is a winner, balancing it out making sure it does well on rough paths as well as smooth.

#5 Ulikeit

Ulikeit is a great, fuss-free, easy to install hoverboard converter which is robust yet quite lightweight. It is impressive in many ways, one of them being the location of handlebars on the sides.

It is one of the preferred kits too for it is incrementally adjustable.


The kit is quite easy to install, using Velcro straps to fasten it to the board, and according to the description, it takes 10 minutes to assemble it. The seated hoverboard extension fits on nearly all boards. This kit comes in 5 colors too.

It can tolerate a maximum of 220 lbs., which is suitable for many adults. The Ulikeit hover seat weighs 21,6 lbs and measures 35″ x 24″ x 16″.

The kit is made to be applicable and usable for riders of all sizes. It offers 100% compatibility with all boards between 6.5 inches and 10 inches.

The manufacturers suggest running the hoverkart on a flat surface when running it the first time, rather than downhill. The design of the go-kart kit is telescopic and backward pulling of the handles takes the kart forwards.

Also, if a child is using the hoverkart, it is advisable that they are armored with limb guards and helmets.


  • easy to install with velcro straps (10min)
  • compatible with nearly all boards
  • suitable for younger children


  • Not the highest quality
  • Straps break easily

What others say

The ULIKEIT kit is a hit with most web-based reviewers, they rate it at a decent 93% on the awesome scale.

It gets some flak on the build quality though. The parts seem a little poor in quality as compared to the competitors. However, in general, it gets great reviews, usually scoring about 4.3 out of 5, making it a very worthy purchase. The best reviews include praises for its ease of use, appropriateness for small children, and the low assembly time required. Still, the short-lived straps seem to be irksome to the customers.

Buying guide

What is a hoverboard conversion kit?

A hoverboard kart kit is a set of attachments that can be assembled on the hoverboard so that it becomes a ride you can sit in rather than stand upon. It becomes very much like the well-known go-kart.

The assembly is external, some are a little more complicated, while others are as simple as using velcro to strap it onto your hoverboard.

Riding this new type of scooter is a whole new thing. Such a hoverboard and cart can be used by experienced users who want to enhance their hoverboarding experience but just as much by beginners and specifically smaller children for whom a real hoverboard might still be too unsafe.

There is a wide variety of hoverboard go kart kits available in the market today. When you buy such a hoverboard sitting attachment, the hoverboard itself is not included. If you still need to purchase one of those, make sure to check out our article on the best hoverboard for kids to choose your favorite one.

Things to consider before buying

Since there is a mind-boggling variety of kits available, it might get overwhelming when buying a hoverboard with go kart attachment. You can consider some basic pointers to follow:

1. Steering comfort

This must be the most important point to consider.

The hoverboard chair attachment can offer either bicycle-like frontal steering, which has the hoverboard below the handlebars or back steering where your legs can steer while there are fixed handles near the seat.

Reviews say that back steering feels more natural, but make sure to pick whichever steering style seems more comfortable to you.

2. Riding comfort

The seat, the handlebars, the suspension system, the tire material and the measurements. All these points are the deciders for riding comfort on the hoverboardkart kit.

The better the suspension system etc. though, the lower becomes the speed of the hoverboard and kart so take a pick accordingly.

A hoverboard seat attachment is standard made from molded plastic, but some brands feature aluminum seats which offer more sturdiness.

3. Compatibility with the board

The kit must fit properly and perfectly to avoid any mishaps during the ride. Check twice for size and fit of the kit with the board before you buy. Some hoverkart seats are suitable for any hoverboard, but most exclude either on wheel size or on the design (hoverboards with a handle in the middle).

4. Adjustability according to body size

The central support bar is adjustable with most go kart hover boards. The bar can be slid and fixed to any size required. If you are below 2 meters in height, the adjustment should not be an issue. For taller people, ask and confirm with the sellers if it can be made to suit your size before you buy.

5. Features and customization capacities

The basic appendage comes along with the hoverboard go kart seat but if you want something extra like colorful LED lights, a larger footrest, or padded handles etc. you can check with the suppliers before buying. If you want extra or personalized features, they can be had too – for instance, if you want a padded cushioned seat instead of the standard molded seat, check with the sellers if they can provide one for you.

6. Design and price

These are two factors to see in the hoverboard sit down attachment, that are very personal.

You can scan the markets for the perfect kit which falls in your price range and looks as good as you want it to. The typical price range for a hoverboard attachment kit is between $60 to $120. It’s possible to find a hoverkart cheap too, but make sure you’re not compromising on the core of quality and safety.

6. Maintenance

A good make of the kit will not require more inspection and maintenance than say, once a month. Look for how well the kit is engineered.

It is noteworthy to say that the better-quality kit will be priced slightly higher and perhaps create less work for you to maintain the kit. Lower maintenance means you can enjoy the hoverboard hoverkart more!

You can keep these factors in mind before buying the hoverboard go kart kit for your hoverboard. Let me know which one is your top choice in the comments below!

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