Hoverboards are the ultimate swag! The way they glide on the roads translates skateboard-like coolness onto the vibe. They are the modern-day skateboards, but can do so much more. The Hoverboards are also an adventure gadget now. We have compiled the best off-road hoverboards for your convenience so that you can choose one for your adventure cravings.

These are the best on the market, have different appeals and perform well on rough terrain such as grass, gravel, a sandy beach, and the like. We have attempted to put all of their features and reviews in a clear resumé. Furthermore, we’ve added a buying guide in this article as well, so you’ll know how to pick the best one for you. That way you don’t need to look at many websites for your research.

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  • Swagtron T6 – best off-road hoverboard for adults
  • Tomoloo Eagle V2 – best low priced hoverboard
  • Gotrax Hoverfly E3 – best on the basis of style and look
  • Hover-1 Nomad – best in terms of safety checks



Before buying any product, it is relieving for a buyer to check reviews of the same. It works as the same psychology as getting recommendations and asking for referrals. Our top picks are the 4 heavy-duty, off-roading giants and now let us discuss all details.

#1 SWAgtron T6

If you are a larger rider and want some real power in your off road segway hoverboard the Swagtron T6 is the board to buy. It is in general, big. The wheels are bigger, the weight holding capacity threshold is higher and it is pretty much weather – proof. The sturdy board is ideal for rough terrains.

Also, there is high performance overall in terms of battery life on one charge and speed too! Overall, the Swagtron T6 is a power-packed, one of the bestoptions for the big frame rider. It gives good value and superlative performance, thanks to the build and the technology.


The Swagtron T6 is a powerhouse of impressive off-roading features. The weight bearing capacity of up to 380 lbs. is a big plus for the larger frame buyer. The big, high traction, rugged 10-inch wheels are an upgrade on the standard 8.5-inch wheels of most off-road balance board variants available in the marketplaces.

The extra big wheels help balance the large rider well as well as handle rough terrains such as gravel and muddy tracks much better than normal hoverboards. The tubeless tires are air-filled and high- tread for better stability. The motor in this hoverboard is 300-watt, dual motor, giving it superior power and speed as well.

The heavy built and fat tires need that kind of power to move at good speed, hence the motors are heavy-duty. The battery-motors combo helps with the high performance of the board and it can go 12 miles on one charge. The charge time is 2-3 hours and the high speed for Swagtron T6 is up to 12 MPH. The body is made of ABS plastic along with aluminum crate.

The weight of the board is 30 lbs. and seems on the heavier side but it is justified according to the rider profile it caters to. It has certification UL-2272 and also IPX4 rated, which proves it’s waterproof. There are swanky features too, namely, LED light indicators for signalling, built-in carrying handle, lights on the board and app-controlled features along with music (thanks to the Bluetooth speakers which are built-in).


  • weight bearing capacity
  • 10 inch wheels
  • dual motor 300 watt
  • waterproof


  • weight of the board


Websites that sell and review Hoverboards mark the Swagtron T6 a whopping 4.8 stars. It is the appeal it has for adult, big-built riders and the stability it offers which is responsible for its popularity. The 10 inch off road hoverboard, Swagtron T6, has mostly positive reviews and the only trouble with the board seems to be a one off electrical breakdown and a little problem with the heavy-weight board (if one is out of battery midway, it is a bother to carry it around). Overall, a great board to have for off-roading adventures.

#2 TOMOloo eagle v2

The best you can get if you are on a budget, the Tomoloo Eagle V2 is also an upgrade on the earlier products by the same company and needless to say, a superhit choice for the ones who like to collect. All the superhit features have been included in this model. This bad boy is an 8.5-inch wide tire board, smartphone app enabled interface, improved batteries which have been a constant issue with the brand’s earlier models.

All in all, it can be inferred that Tomoloo Eagle V2 is the king of cheap off road hoverboard varieties.


The Tomoloo Eagle V2 is quite packed with great features. The board is clearly built to impress.

The dual 350-watt motors are powerful to help the board perform great on off-roading adventures. The fastest speeds you can reach on the Tomoloo Eagle V2 is 12 MPH, giving a distance range of 12 miles per charge. The board is light, a mere 29 lbs., which makes the speed attainable with lesser effort and stress on the motors.

Number of features packed in such a light frame is astounding. The board gets quality testing done per component, which is a rarity in the market and also a highly desirable practice which ultimately enhances the board’s performance. The 4.1 stereo surround sound Bluetooth speakers and as many as 16 million colors of LED headlights add to the look and feel of the board. This hoverboard comes with a UL-2272 certification of riding safety.

The Tomoloo Eagle V2 comes with a Samsung battery, which means it is quite durable and less likely to develop problems.


  • looks impressive
  • dual motor 350 watt
  • light board


  • not built for large riders


The Tomoloo Eagle V2 has garnered a lot of great reviews because of the amazing features provided for the low price. The amenities may seem basic, but the ticks are all in the right boxes and this has gotten the Eagle a decent 4.6 to 4.8 on 5 review on most sales websites. Everyone is going gaga over the great performance of this board for the pricing.

One of the rare complaints of the Tomoloo Eagle V2 is that it is not built for large riders, the wheels are not high tread and some battery problems here and there. Overall, a great board for kids and riders who want excellent value for money or are amateurs who are trying the off-roading experience for the first time.

#3 Gotrax hoverfly E3

This snazzy and peppy hoverboard looks like it has come straight off a fun teen movie. The Gotrax Hoverfly E3 is available in 3 colors, making it a very appealing product for the teenagers and young adult segment. This is technically an off-roading hovercraft and the brand’s positioning is like an outdoorsy gadget. The overall vibe is cool and urban and this appeals to the average American with urban-adventure sensibilities.


The Gotrax Hoverfly E3 has motor capacity of 500 watts (250+250, dual motors), which enables the board to go a max distance of 5 miles on one charge and can take you at a top speed of 8.1 MPH. The solid rubber, rugged, tough and durable wheels are 8.5 inches in diameter. The weight carrying capacity is about 220 lbs. The impressive quality Bluetooth speakers make the ride fun. The hoverboard comes with built in handles. The Gotrax can self-balance, enhancing ease of use for the rider.

The LED lighting is customizable and acts as headlights for the board. The board weighs 22 lbs., one of the lightest boards in the segment. One charge takes about 3 hours. This board is ideal for children because of the safe speeding limits and the light weight, not to forget the self-balancing feature which is key.


  • looks impressive
  • dual motor 2×250 watt
  • built in handles


  • price
  • lower topspeed


The Gotrax Hoverfly E3 has a casual vibe about it, not like its muscled peers in the same category which makes it a great entry level board. It has a funky look and styling. The product is premium quality.

The downside to it being the hoverboard for kids is the price which seems a little too steep for a basic board. Also, few issues with the performance of the board make the purchase seem futile. Strangely the charging beep also seems annoying to few users. The websites have given it a 3.7 on 5-star reviews on e – commerce websites.

#4 Hover-1 nomad

This all – terrain off road smart balance board is another star entry in the top few in the market today. The Hover-1 Nomad has 3 riding modes based on skill. The company website states that the board goes though 20+ tests before reaching you hence it is extremely safe even for rough rides. Even the battery and the charging cord are certified, and this makes the whole package look extremely impressive. The Hover-1 Nomad is an off road self-balancing board. The makers claim that this is a zero-CO emission hoverboard and hence eco-friendly. This is a good point to sell to the target audience it is meant for.


The Hover-1 Nomad is an auto-balancing, app controlled hoverboard which is jam-packed with features. The app is also GPS enabled. The tires on Hover – 1 Nomad are sturdy, 8.5-inch thick and All- terrain. The board has 3 built-in modes for riders, beginner, intermediate and expert. The board goes through rigorous testing and as many as 20 tests have been done on the components’ performance before it reaches you.

The cord and the battery are both certified safe for use (UN 38.3) and the safety standard UL 2722 has been awarded to the board. Even the Battery of the Hover – 1 Nomad is Certified and has a capacity of 36V, 4.0 Ah with Overcharge and Discharge Protection. It is 20 cell- lithium ion type. The makers have not left any stone unturned to ensure that this becomes the safest board for anyone to off-road on. The board can tolerate 220 lbs. of weight on it.

A max speed of decent 7 MPH can be achieved on this board. It also has a motor power of 220W and has two motors with battery life Indicator.


  • price
  • great for kids


  • long charging time


The reviews are good as the features look very promising, but the board seems to have disappointed the buyers. Many reviews on sales websites talk about the board just stopping to work all of a sudden one fine day.

Others talk about how the board just dismantled one day on its own and was tough to get it to be replaced, repaired etc. it also seems like a bother that the board takes a longer time to charge than its counterparts. It look likes its simple to set up and runs smooth over rough terrain without seeming too much to cope with. It is great for kids to use, thanks to the self – balancing and the stability features and also the 3 modes of riding. Overall, a good, decently priced board which is appropriate for riders aged 15 and above has been given a rating of 3.5 on 5 on most review websites.


WHAT IS An off-road hoverboard?

A hoverboard with tires made for the rocky roads i.e. heavy-duty tires, tough exterior and a solid and robust exterior built is an off – road hoverboard. It is fundamentally different from the normal hoverboards in the make of the tires, where the normal boards have low tread tires, the off-road hoverboard has higher tread tires and a waterproof, heavier and a more solid body.

When buying a hoverboard, especially an off-road hoverboard, one must keep these points in mind. The comparison between hoverboards is extensively available online. You can check what works for the kind of needs you have, and the usage intended and proceed accordingly.


Since there is a mind-boggling variety of kits available, it might get overwhelming when buying a hoverboard with go kart attachment. You can consider some basic pointers to follow:

1. safety

The first and foremost consideration when picking the best off-road hoverboard for you is how safe it is. The commonest safety hazard is battery related because all hoverboards run on batteries. It can get ugly though – the cheaply made lithium ion battery can overheat the hoverboard causing damage, sometimes even result in an explosion. But thanks to rigorous testing and tracking, most of the unsafe ones have been pulled off the shelves. When buying, take a moment to note all the safety specifications like UL-2272 certification and overheating, overcharged tests etc. This should be the foremost concern when buying an off – roading hoverboard as the usage would be rougher and you need a well-tested board to run on.  

2. weight limit

Since hoverboards can move at speeds 12 miles per hour it is NOT advisable for small children and the elderly to ride on them, even more so for the off-roading hoverboards. An average hoverboard can carry about 200 lbs. heavy person. Some off-road hoverboards can also hold up to 420 lbs. but check before you buy. The Swagtron T6 is a good off-road hoverboard for heavier riders. Take a good look at the specifications before you buy, more so if you are plus size or taller than average.

3. battery and charging time

When buying an off road self-balancing scooter, a hoverboard, check the number of hours you need to charge the board fully and understand how to charge. Pay attention to the kind of battery your board runs on and how to make sure it is efficient and safe. Since batteries are the powerhouse of the hoverboard, it pays to know everything about them. A typical off-road board battery will last for 2 hours riding time on 2-3 hours of charging but if you run it on high speeds constantly it might drain out faster. The best ones will charge faster and run on high speed longer. Understand the LED battery display on the board to get a gauge of the remaining battery. There are smartphone apps with some boards that help you understand the status of your battery better.

4. speed and range

A typical speed range for an off-roading hoverboard is about 2 MPH until 12 MPH. terrain and weight matter to speeds and also, if the hoverboard is being bought for a child, the top speeds should ideally be lower just to keep safe. Check before buying – how far can the hoverboard go, how fast can it go and how to determine which route to take (Say, from work or the gym to home) depending upon the performance of the hoverboard.

5. portability

This also needs to be understood well before buying because you will need to carry it around sometimes too. The average range of weight is 20 to 30 lbs. The main concern should be, is the board you are eyeing just heavy or also strong enough to hold the weight of the rider and the stress of off-roading? A heavier board means more stability, for sure, but it can be counter-productive when it comes to speed.


The price is never high or low, not just when buying a hoverboard but anything, for that matter. It is a measure of worth. The pricing of the off-road hoverboard must be justifiable for the features it is flaunting. But keep in mind, costlier boards are not always better. Pick one which has the sweet spot of perfect price and optimal features on it.

It is great to begin with a budget though. An estimate of considering how much to spend on the off road segway board is a good fulcrum to start research at. A range can help zero down the search for the perfect board.

6. wheels (size & type)

For the off-road hoverboard, wheels are of utmost importance because if the wheels are not proper, the ride will be affected, and poor performance will lead to frustration. The whole idea of an off-roading hoverboard is sturdy, thick, and hard-wearing wheels which can withstand the pressures of tough terrains and inclines. The larger treads make the grip better too.

Wheel covers are important too in an off-roading hoverboard. They protect the wheels from unnecessary friction damage. They also make the ride safer. A standard size for off-roading hovercraft tires is 8.5 inches, rubber make. So, do check for supportiveness when buying.

7. water resistent/proof

Water resistance is a very desirable quality for an off-roading hoverboard because rough terrain can be muddy and watery too and the last thing you want is to get stuck in the mud because the hoverboard has no water resistance. Waterproof hoverboards would be even better as it would mean they are more durable. Though, this can also mean they are a little more expensive than the regular ones. The resistance also keeps the motor and batteries safe in tough terrains, ultimately improving the durability of the hoverboard.

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